Kampung Boy: The Origin !

Balik Kampung Villa

Translated from Malay, Balik Kampung means “going back to the village”.

A funny name isn’t it? Tourist from all over the world probably would not understand what it means but for us locals would understand the meaning behind it right off the bat. After all, the word is in Malay, our national language. Balik Kampung Villa was built roughly eight years ago and started off as a private weekend retreat for my dad.

How it all started

Roughly 13 years ago, when I was about 12 years old. My dad took the whole family to a country side called Hulu Langat. He brought us to a river meant for camping and dipping. While the girls were preparing the food and setting up camp, my dad took the boys to the street. We had to walk for a few minute and stopped right at the entrance but back then it was all forest. He was like ‘ Bapak beli tanah ni nak buat dusun’ (it means he bought the land to make an orchard). It was a huge piece of land and back then it was all trees. Each of us had to take a machete and trek deeper into the land making marks and pathways. I felt like a real boy scout back then.

Along the way

It started with an orchard and then we had a fishing pond. My dad was trying to build something to remind him of his Kampung. After all back in the day, he used to play around near the Rambutan Tree and go fishing often. As time goes by, he started developing the land for quite a bit. We started having our own Kampung House made from wood and kept on developing til it is what it is now.

The Origin: Balik Kampung Villa

My dad was born in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. He is a Kampung boy who never forgets where his roots were from. In pursuit of a successful life, he went to Kuala Lumpur to start his own business. However, he still makes time to go back once in a while just to relax. As his business grew, he found it increasingly difficult to make time to Balik Kampung. He loves the feeling of serenity at the kampung. He remembers sitting by the veranda on a cold starry night, smoking tobacco leaves whilst enjoying the sound of crickets chirping.

It was so simple back then. The feeling of longing those peaceful days has led him to develop the land in Hulu Langat. From a humble piece of land, it turned out to be a magnificent retreat. A secret retreat only meant for him. However, he felt pity that many people like him, who had dreams to make it big in the city, seem to get caught up in the city life. Now, he wants to share it with the world. Most importantly, reminding them to take a second to stop from all the hassle and learn how to appreciate the smallest and simplest thing in life. This is what “Balik Kampung” means.

Editors Note

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