Hulu Langat: A Hidden Gem


Hulu Langat: A Hidden Gem.

It is not surprising that many people do not know where Hulu Langat is, let alone the attraction that it has. When asked whether someone know where Hulu Langat is, they would probably reply something like this ‘Huh? Hulu Langat? You mean Ulu Klang? No idea bro’. Why so? It is because when we were younger, everyone tend to joke around that they have been to the UK and when asked if they were serious. They would say something like this ‘Ulu Klang la bro, not the United Kingdom. Haha!’. That was the social prevalent back in the day and still is to this day. It’s not surprising when no one knows about Hulu Langat.

Hulu Langat is truly a hidden gem. Not many people know the attraction that Hulu Langat has to offer unless they are one of those excursion seeker. Hulu Langat is blessed with its beautiful tropical forest, waterfalls and mountain. The supply of water here is clean and clear as the area is part of the Hulu Langat Forest Reserve.

Once, I have asked a friend of mine to go to Hulu Langat with me and his reply was ‘Serious la? Bro, what to do there?’. If you are like me, someone who is trying to get his friends to go on an excursion in Hulu Langat but repeatedly have been asked the same question then please ask your friends to read further. I will be explaining why the title of this blog is so.

Believe it or not Hulu Langat has plenty of things to do. It is famous for three things. They are;

Hiking at Gunung Nuang

Gunung Nuang is located a little further up from Batu 18, Hulu Langat. It is the highest peak in the State of Selangor, going as high as 1,493 meters above sea level. There are three hiking routes to the peak and, believe it or not, all of them starts at a different location. The first two starts in Selangor, one at Kuala Pangsun in Hulu Langat and another at Kampung Kemensah in Gombak. The third path originates from Bukit Tinggi in Bentong, Pahang. Using the Kuala Pangsun route, the climb will take you a two-hour hike on a very steep road, then an optional stop at “Camp Lolo (Definitely Recommended. Why? I’ll tell you later)”, and after that there is a six-hour push to the peak, and a four-hour trek to the ground. That means you can get two of your friends to each take a different route and meet each other at the top and be like ‘Whoa where did you come from bro?’ and one of them would be saying ‘Ye, I came from Pahang’.

It is highly advisable for you to take a tour guide if you were to take on this mountain. There is a saying that this mountain is the second hardest compared to Mount Kinabalu and that many usually hike Gunung Nuang before heading to Mount Kinabalu.

Jungle trekking at Sungai Congkak

Sungai Congkak is a popular recreational forest in Hulu Langat. Here, activities range from camping, picnic, barbecues and bathing in the clear cool water of natural river pools and rapids. Their main attraction is its cool and clear water river. There are also a wide range species of flora and fauna.

Waterfall at Gabai Falls

Gabai Falls is located in Batu 21 a bit further up than our place. It is said that there are seven levels of dive. You will have to climb a flight of concrete steps to reach the highest peak. Recently, there are a number of inconsiderate visitors that use the water to bath with shampoo, wash dishes and even throw rubbish. Most of these lazy inconsiderate people tend to use the first two cascades. It is highly recommended for you to go higher up the waterfall. There would be better falls with clean and clear water and fewer people. It is safe to say the higher you go the better it gets.

Those are the three famous attractions in Hulu Langat, but we are not done yet. Further, I will reveal secret waterfalls that no one wants you to know. There are not many people that knows about it and that made the waterfall to always stay clean and unspoiled, but that is a story for another time. 

Hulu Langat is truly a hidden gem as it is home to all these amazing waterfalls, a mountain, and a beautiful river. For all the visitors who would like to visit these amazing places, please be discipline and take care of the cleanliness while you are there.

It goes without saying that please avoid going to the waterfall during rainy season as it is highly dangerous that you will be swept off your feet and not in a good way at that.

Keep coming back to the Kampung Life to find out what's new and next post would be Hulu Langat: A Hidden Gem Part 2.