Hulu Langat: A Hiddem Gem Part 2

Hulu Langat: A Hidden Gem Part 2

Here is the second part of Hulu Langat: A Hidden Gem. There are not many people who know about these secret waterfalls and as such they are always kept clean and unspoiled.

Lepok Falls

Lepok Falls is roughly 15 km north of Hulu Langat near Kampung Pangsun. It is truly exhilarating trip as to get to the waterfall, you would have to track a distance of 4.5 km that would take you roughly two hours. The trek is going uphill most of the time but not a high angle that would strain your body. It would be a relaxing trekking. The tracks are pretty much clear so keep going until you reach an unused pipeline that would show you are in the right track. Lepok Falls is truly beautiful with a deep pool for swimming. I am definitely sure you would love it.

Lolo Falls (Yep, this is why)

Lolo Falls truly another amazing waterfall. If you would dream of an adventure like Indiana Jones then this is your chance. It is located near Gunung Nuang as mention above, once you reach the ranger station just follow the road towards Gunung Nuang until you see a trail to the right with a yellow signboard. It will take you roughly 1 hour of jungle trekking to reach the Lolo river, as you follow the markers you would have to cross the river a few times. About half an hour later you will reach the Bomoh Ali Fall that has a nice big pool and there is a rope hanging down for you to play Tarzan. As the trail continues you will have to climb a steep slope, there would be a rope to help you. Later on, you can hear the sound of a waterfall but you are still not there yet. You would have to swim and climb slippery rocks, and behold just around the corner a beautiful waterfall awaits. Lolo Falls truly an adventure like no other. Grab your hats and start packing.

Jeram Perius

Once again, Jeram Perius is known for its waterfall. You will have to trek to reach the waterfall. The trek is kind of a challenge as the waterfall is situated deep into the jungles of Hulu Langat. It will take approximately 2.5 hours of trekking. Fun fact, Jeram Perius is one of the tallest waterfalls in the area. It is highly advisable for first-timers to engage an Orang Asli guide. You would not want to get lost as there are many side tracks along the way. The waterfall is around 15-20 meter high and there is a small cave underneath. Not many have ever heard of Jeram Perius and chances are if you reach there, you would probably be the only one there. It is highly recommended.

Perdik Fall

Perdik fall situated in Kampung Hulu Perdik. Head over to Kampung Pangsun and keep going north until you see a sign that shows Kampung Hulu Perdik. Perdik fall is like the youngest brother of all the waterfalls in Hulu Langat as it is of little known. It is very secluded and the Perdik Fall is a three tier waterfall. You will have to trek for a short time roughly 15-20 minutes. Along the trek, you will have to cross the river a few times and eventually you will get there.

Hulu Langat is truly a hidden gem as it is home to all these amazing waterfalls, a mountain, and a beautiful river. For all the visitors who would like to visit these amazing places, please be discipline and take care of the cleanliness while you are there.

Once again, I cannot stress this enough. Please avoid going to the waterfall during rainy season as it is highly dangerous that you will be swept off your feet and not in a good way at that.