Jane & Tarzan: A Romantic Getaway

They say love is the strongest force and I must agree. After all, every King of an empire has a Queen by his side. Just like Tarzan has Jane. This is a love story of Jane & Tarzan and how they celebrated their anniversary here. At BK Villa, our luxurious tree house Jane & Tarzan is truly build for couples.

A first chapter of many to come. The story goes..

photo 2.JPG

Just like Jane & Tarzan, they are loved by the animals there. As they arrive at the lake house, they received a warm welcome from the fishes. Who doesn't love a sweet couple?

While they were there, they talked their hearts out, laugh with tears of joy. Do things that couples would do. They might not realise it but they gotten closer by the minute. So many couples are so obsessed with the materialistic side of being together that they forgot to enjoy the simplest things in life. That is what BK Villa is there for. 


Once, it got darker. Jane led Tarzan back to their own private tree house to seek shelter. The tree house is truly secluded and provides maximum privacy. It is dubbed Jane & Tarzan because like them, they are the only couple in the jungle. An undisturbed love..

Like the King & Queen of the forest, Jane & Tarzan govern the forest integrity. After all, they have the best view in the forest and is able to oversee resident of the forest with crystal clear.

Located right beside their tree house is their own private pool only for them. Although being the King & Queen of the forest, Jane is always shy in using the public pool. Now, Jane & Tarzan are able to enjoy and take their time relaxing by the pool.

They were really sad when it was time to leave. Here, they realised that one can feel so much content from enjoying the simplest thing in life like spending time together. Despite being sadden by the parting from their own secluded retreat, they could not help but feel closer to each other. 

They made friends with the forest and the feeling is mutual. That is how their love story goes in BK Villa and just like Jane & Tarzan, the rest is history..