Frequently Asked Questions

1. Current Packages.

in line with our mission to provide a complete BK Villa experience, we only take bookings for groups of 7, 10 and 13 only.

2. How do I book or check if a house is available?

Guests can head over to our contact page to make a reservation or inquire on the availability of the dates.Email is the best way to reach us as the phone is a mobile number and we may not always be in the office to refer to your details.

3. How do we contact you?

It is highly recommended for you to check our website first for all the information you need and make a booking here. After, you can contact us through our contact form or if you have any specific questions you can contact us through our facebook page.

4. Do you provide breakfast, lunch or dinner?

We provide simple breakfast such as Nasi Lemak, Bread and Butter, Eggs, Sausages, Cereals, Oats and Milk. We do not provide lunch or dinner. There are restaurants in nearby area from Batu 9 to Batu 18. However, if you are looking for a proper restaurant there are only a few such as the Thai Fish Farm Restaurant.

5. Can I host an event or a party?

We strictly do not host any party or event whatsoever. However, we allow guest to have a barbecue.

6. Are barbecue equipment and utensils provided?

Yes they are. It is part of our complimentary service. However, you will have to get your own food. We have a fishing pond and you can fish some to barbecue.

7. What is the maximum occupancy for Kala and Jane & Tarzan?

The maximum occupancy would be;

a) Kala: Strictly 7

b) Jane & Tarzan: Strictly 3

Failure in respecting the maximum occupancy, your deposit will be forfeited.

8. What is the Check-In and Check-Out time ?

As we are only open once a week, we are dedicated to provide you a more complete experience. As such, our check-in and check-out time as follows;

Check-in: 12:00 pm

Check-out: 5:00 pm

9. Why can't we add more people to stay with us?

BK Villa is a luxury secluded villa retreat. As such, we are trying our very best to preserve the exclusivity of the place. Therefore, we will ask our guest to respect our maximum occupancy.

10. If we stayed over, can we invite outsiders or family relatives to join us for our barbecue?

We strictly limit outsiders to only a maximum of 5. Before, we had someone stayed over for family gathering and there were over 20 family relatives came to attend the barbecue. As you know, when there are a lot of people it will ruin the place.

BK Villa is a retreat away from it all. Guests come here to enjoy the peace and quiet. Therefore, we do not tolerate any parties or behavior that disturbs other guests. We have the right to vacate rowdy guests without compensation.

11. Are there anything prohibited from bringing?

We strictly do not allow pork & alcohol at the premises. In the case of durian, you can bring it with you but are not allowed to eat in your room or in the house.

12. Is the premises smoking friendly?

You are only allowed to smoke outside the house.

13. Do you provide full service like a hotel?

We are not a full service hotel, therefore, there is no 24-hour reception. Staff are on duty from 8 am to 7 pm if you need to request anything.

BK Villa is a secluded retreat and respect our guest privacy. Once you arrive and are shown to your house, we pretty much leave you alone.

However, in case of emergency we will provide someone for you to contact at night.

14. Is BK Villa wheelchair friendly?

Unfortunately, no. We are on a hill and there are many steps between all the different areas.

15. What is the cancelation policy?

Cancelations before 14 days of the booked date can be changed to another date at no cost.

Cancelations 14 days or less before the booked date will be charge the deposit for the booking.

Cancelations within 48 hours of booked date will be charged one night stay.

Cancelations within 24 hours of booked date will be charged the entire booking and considered a no show.