There are two ways to book your stay with us. You can either book straight with us or head over to our AirBnB page and make your payment. 

To book with us, you will have to send us an inquiry through the contact form. From then onward, we will go through proper procedure such as confirming your reservation, invoicing and such. 

However, It is highly recommended for you to send us an inquiry through the contact form if you have any question whatsoever. It is highly recommended because many have been contacting us through AirBnB page and AirBnB does not allow exchange of contact information. Therefore, it is really hard for us to have a conversation, discuss over the phone or even showing you the place.

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If you would like to book with us through AirBnB. Please click the button below. Remember, use the contact form if you would like to ask any question whatsoever. Have a great day !